Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation Services

The waiting period involved prior to any surgery can be valuable time that can be utilized to prepare the body for surgery and facilitate a better outcome after the surgical procedure. When muscles, bones and joints are in optimum condition before the procedure, the impact of the inevitable muscle loss and joint stiffness can be minimised post operatively. Essentially, the more prepared physically a person is going into surgery, the better the chances of an easier and faster recovery after the surgery.

Those who participate in a pre-surgical rehabilitation program tend to regain function and return to their daily lives faster than individuals who do not participate in pre-surgical rehabilitation. Traditionally, a physiotherapist helps with post-surgical rehabilitation and can also be your biggest ally during the “pre-hab” process.

Do you have an upcoming surgery planned? Did you know that by beginning “pre-hab” exercises 6 weeks or more before your surgery can dramatically improve your outcomes and allow for quicker recovery after surgery? We will help you build strength, endurance, balance and flexibility prior to your surgery.