We are committed to protecting your personal data

We use your information for a number of different purposes, for example to provide our services to you and others and to meet our legal and regulatory obligations. If you’re an existing customer, for more detailed information on how and why we use your information, including the rights in relation to your personal data, and our legal grounds for using it, please view the Privacy statement document, Website T&C or the Access to Information Manual below.

Physiotherapy @ Home Pty LTD is committed to protecting the personal information of its clients, members, employees and related stakeholders. A data subject is any individual whose data Physiotherapy @ Home Pty LTD holds or processes. When a data subject needs access to such information to exercise or protect their rights, Physiotherapy @ Home Pty LTD will facilitate the process. As a data subject, you’ll be required to fill in the requisite form in order for us to assist you:

The contact details of the practice’s Information Officer are as follows:
Name: Leron Hector
Telephone: 087 236 6518

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